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                Product Categories
                Auxiliary Chemical Products for Refineries
                Additives for Lubricating Oil
                Oil additive
                Styrene-butadiene rubber additives
                Chemical additives
                Company Honors
                Gpro New Materials Co., Ltd. Successfull... 2012.03.22
                "鼓”牌车用尿素溶液 2010.11.17
                南京石化隆重推出“鼓”牌清净剂-动力宝系列... 2009.08.25
                南京石化应邀参加2009新型合成橡胶应用技术... 2009.11.17
                南京石化应邀参加《车用燃料甲醇国家标准》... 2009.09.22
                南京石化派员参加南京市市长质量奖培训会 2009.08.25
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                Established in 1992, Nanjing Petro-chemical Co., Ltd. is a national high new tech enterprise of devoting to innovate, manufacture and sales of fine chemical products such as refinery chemical additives, fuel additives, lubricant additives, chemical fiber additives (catalyst), synthetic rubber additives, etc. The company has passed IS9001:2000 quality management system certification, and has been granted the honors of “Key High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan”, “National honoring credit and promise Enterprise”, etc. The registered trademark of “GU” is “Jiangsu Famous Trademark”.
                After continuous efforts in the last years, our company has developed into a member enterprises of “energyahead.com” of PetroChina, the PetroChina’s first-tier supplier of “three additives” for refinery and a member company of SINOPEC’s “three additives” cooperative network, and is also one...
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                Address:No.188 Dawei East Street, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, China.  Zip Code:210047  TEL:(86-25)58855999、58366653、58366656  FAX:(86-25)58855000、58866000
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